How to attach external OCXO clock to Brooklyn Bridge?

Anyone know? External clocks are something I know almost nothing about…

The manual clearly states that the two S/PDIF coax connections (75 ohm RCA), and the TOSLINK optical connection, can be used to connect to an external clock. I don’t know much about such, but all that I see seem to have BNC connections.

Are there external OCXO clocks that use RCA or optical connections that I’m just not aware of? Or does one use RCA to BNC converters or something?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. :slight_smile:

PS - For all I know, this question may apply to Brooklyn DAC and DAC+'s too.

Never mind. I’ve answered my own question…

Apparently there no way to hook up an external clock. Instead, if you are using S/PDIF or TOSLINK inputs, you can set the BB to use the clock signal from the external signal coming in, as opposed to using a distinctly separate clock. There is no way to connect a separate word clock.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. At least the mystery is solved.