How to avoid interviews and radio recordings

many times I like to choose an artist in roon and just play and forget about it while i’m working. many times there are interviews and old radio recordings. for example if i select Jethro Tull there are so many recordings of old interviews “Excerpts from Ian Anderson Interview”, I mean, i respect the man and I’m sure its interesting but i want to listen to music, roon is a music app right? not a podcast app or history app…
i want to avoid it, its very annoying, and it happens many times.
i know i can just select the albums i want to listen but selecting an artist and play is easy and i like it, any way to avoid the annoying interviews? or tell roon somehow to play only discography?

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Sorry, don’t understand what you mean by this. AFAIK, Roon doesn’t supply interviews.
If you mean Roon radio, then for each endpoint go to the corresponding queue and turn Radio off.

Otherwise, screen print a screen where this happening?

Where are these interviews and podcasts stored ? I don’t see them on the streaming services, so I’m guessing that they are local.

If you have interviews and podcasts interspersed with music in your local storage then you may need to separate them out into a new folder outside of the Roon library.

I have nothing on local storage. i think its just some albums that contain interviews and probably there’s nothing to do about it.
see in the image “Excerpts from Ian Anderson Interview”
so i guess you’re right and its just some albums.

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That is concerning. Are there other examples you can remember ?

I see bands like Sabaton are doing expanded versions of albums talking about their songs between each song.
It has happened to me several times. Not sure how Roon could know though.

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can’t remember other examples now

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I’ve noticed with some re-releases, or ‘expanded’ editions, that on occasion interviews, old radio adds, and the such that have been added - The Byrds, Graham Parsons, and Janis Joplin are just a few that have done this. It’s not really a Roon thing- if you want to exclude these you can always edit the album (if its your local copy) and tag it as such - then create a Focus that excludes those tracks -


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