How to back up NUC drive?

I’m thinking of building a NUC running ROCK. I currently have a NAS holding my >3TB library.

For the NUC, I’ll most likely get a 6TB external hard drive connected to the NUC to hold the library. And I’ll use the NAS then as a backup.

But since the NUC will run ROCK and not so regular OS, how will I set up the backup from the NUC’s drive to the NAS over the network? Does ROCK have a mechanism with which to do this? Thanks very much.

Also, how do you write new files to the disk? It works be very inconvenient if you had to eject to from the NUC and stick it into a computer.

A ROCK/NUC system does not currently have a built-in backup function for music files stored locally. It has been requested to be added as a feature for Roon OS 2.0, but there is no guarantee that it will be included.

At the moment, you will have to use a NAS copy/sync application to pull the files across from the external drive connected to the NUC, or use a copy/sync application on a PC/Mac with the NUC drive as the source and the NAS as the destination. A search through the forum here will turn up many suggestions for an application (personally, I use Allway Sync).

As for writing new files to the disk, there are two methods to do this, which are described in this Help Article:

My NUC is running Linux with the Linux Roon Core on it, rather than ROCK, so I set up a acouple SAMBA shares - one for the media folder and one for the core’s self-backups. Those shares automount to my desktop both for the easy moving of audio files to the NUC and so that my existing desktop backup software can back up my Roon Core stuff.

It’s a bit more work than just installing ROCK but was pretty straightforward.