How to back up Roon database to external USB drive?


My Roon Core is an iMac. Back-ups of my Roon database are to the iMac’s HD. I have read and re-read the back-up instructions but remain unsure how to back up to an external drive rather than the hard drive of my iMac. I plug my USB drive into the computer and it shows up on the desktop. Then what? Any step-by-step help (including how to select an external drive as the back-up destination) appreciated. Thanks.

(Noris) #2

Hi @Gus67,

Our Backup Knowledge Base Article provides some useful info regarding your questions, but let me try to summarize the steps for you here:

  1. Plug in your external drive to the iMac
  2. Navigate to Roon Settings -> Backup tab and either select a recurring scheduled backup or select a manual backup by clicking the button next to “Backup Now”
  3. Next, press “Select location…” and chose the external drive from the left-hand drive navigator
  4. Point Roon to the folder you would like the backup to reside in or create a new folder using the button towards the bottom and press “Select this folder”
  5. Press the “Start” button to begin the backup

This is what step #3 will look like:

Hope this helps!

– Noris