How to backup to a new drive


I´m trying to backup my roon to a 168GB scandisk usb pen drive without success.
My core is a Innuos ZenMini and in roon backup area i can´t or i don´t know how to add the usb pen as a destination for the backups.
Ask me to browse a network but i don´t know how to put there the new usb pen drive.
Thanks for the support.

Rogério Boldt

Hi @Rogerio_Boldt,

Once you connect a drive to a Core, it should show up in the left-hand side, above the “Add Network Share” button.

Does the ZenMini support connecting USB shares via their USB port or is the USB port reserved solely for audio devices? I would inquire with Innuous regarding this question.

One other way to create the backup would be to connect the drive to a standard PC (Mac/Windows) and use that device to create the backup.

Thanks Noris,
i´m affraid you´re right, the Zen usb ports must be for audio devices.
I´ll ask about it, but yes, i´ll do the backup with my computer.
Thanks again for your help.

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Happy to help @Rogerio_Boldt, do let us know if you have further issues!

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