How to best pass MQA from Blusound to Receiver/HEOS

hi All

i have a Node2i to decode the MQA stream, now i would like to send that - if possible through Heos to my Denon x4200w receiver. I connected the Node2i to HEOS Link via RCA. Should i go to my Denon Receiver via Coax or RCA from the same HEOS Link. I think Coax is limited so i am using RCA, does the HEOS Link change the RCA signal or pass it through?

What would be best to compare, can i use coaxor spdif from Blusound to Receiver to compare?

Will another HEOS Zone Receive the Signal as is or will it suffer and a Node2i would be better?

It would be interesting what is done technicaly on the HEOS to the different inputs and during transmission to another Zone.