How to block others on your network from accessing your Roon music player?

@Danny Greetings,

Is there a security feature in Roon that would allow the Roon account holder to block unwanted users from accessing the Roon player? Currently, any user can access one’s Roon player if they are on the same network as the Roon core. It’s a long story that I don’t wish to go into on this forum concerning the details of the situation, but I have done several things to mitigate unwanted access. The easiest way to mitigate it is to simply turn the Roon player off after every listening session. The issue with that is, I like to use different endpoints in the house, so I keep the Roon player on for that reason and the new Roon Arc requires the core to stay on as well.

Can you please add a security feature to block unwanted users on the network from accessing the Roon music player. If you already have a security feature in place, please direct me to that information.

Thanks in advance!

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maybe a quick solution, and depending on your network gear, i can block our allow ip addresses on a port on the switch. my computers and mobile devices have reserved ip addresses and i only allow my ip addresses on the port where the core is plugged-in. it’s not full prove but it makes it more difficult. and if it is a guest that bothers you make a guest wifi network

hope this helps

I may need to look into that.

Thanks for sharing!

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