How to (bring back and) show all tracks of a Tidal Album?

Unintentionally, I have somehow managed to select one of many tracks of an album. I could not regret this action as the “Back” route did not go via the complete album, nor can I find a function for showing all tracks of the album here and now. The album is now stuck in a “dead end” showing one track only.

What to do when you want to quickly see and possibly play the whole album with all tracks?

Hi Carl-Hendrik,

I’d suggest find the Track in History and play it again, go to the Queue (click on footer) and click on the Album under the Track name.

Thanks, this worked. However, I suggest it is a “missing feature” or bug that this seemingly is the only way to restore the complete tracklist for an album.

May I ask the “silly walk” question: How did I manage to filter out all but one track for the album. What did I probably do? I would like to avoid that feature in the future…

Glad you found the album. I’m afraid I don’t know how you got into difficulties. I can’t remember seeing a condition like that you described.

I found out about this. It is clearly a bug: If you click the “+” on a track and select “add to library”, then you will at the same time exclude the rest of the album’s tracks from the view, when and if subsequently viewing the album. I can’t recall once in my life that I would like that to happen. It means you need to go back to library and delete the album. This is actually another bug, because you are not deleting an album, just one track from the album.

A missing feature in this particular operation is that you need to know that you need to rightclick the album cover containing the track(s) you would like to regret adding. There should be a menu of easy to access options, including but not limited to DELETE. There is a lot of room for onsceen buttons. Just a suggestion.

Hope somebody inside Roon R&D reads this.

This happened to me as well (or at least something like it), but when it did I thought it was how it should work… I added one song from an Album to my library, when I click the album, it just shows my song. If I go back to Tidal and select the Album it shows everything and I can add the whole album if I want. I didn’t need to delete the current song from my library though - it recognised I already had it there and just added the rest…

I think this is still a bug within the Roon software.
I added some screenshots to prove this.
Could this be fixed with the next firmware update?

I think that this is the way it is meant to be. This makes sense, at least to me.

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You should be able to see the full track list on TIDAL’s version of the album – try clicking the Album Info tab, then clicking Other Versions.

Yes, I know. But it takes allot of time doing this (the loading time for each action is quite long).
When I click on an album, I want to see the complete album. Not just one track.
The tracks I added to my library should be showed in a single list. Instead of excluding all other songs from an album.

Others will want to see only what is in their library when clicking an album, so they can clearly tell if they need to download more to have the full album. If the full album is shown here it wouldn’t be reflective of what is actually in the library, which would have to be shown in some other way. Seems simplest to keep albums reflective of what actually is in the library, especially when the full album can be viewed on the Tidal version.

I absolutely agree 110% with Boudewijn_Dozy, and frankly speaking, it is a little dissapointing that there is not a confirmative message from Roon developers on that.

It is completely obvious also here that there is in the room 100% confusion when only part of an album is available and there is actually no hint on how to bring the complete album to availability. It is of course very simple to do that in Tidal, but not if you need to quarrel with Roon GUI to make it happen.

THE OBVIOUS SOLUTION is that in a next release of ROON, there is a button named something like “SHOW ALL TRACKS FOR THIS ALBUM USING TIDAL”

There is no other way. Period.

It’s clear that this feature is working the way it was designed. If you’re not happy with that, then I suggest you post your suggestion in the Feature Request forum category. That way it can get added to the list of requests and prioritised accordingly.

Done, see:

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