How to browse large collection by ALBUMARTIST tag

Sorry if this is already covered, but I wish to browse my large library of flac files solely by their ALBUMARTIST tag. I have noticed that although Roon looks fantastic, it is ignoring my ALBUMARTIST tag and I cannot find the required instruction in the edit screen to apply this rule globally.
I hope this is possible as my collection is in excess of 20,000 albums and they are all tagged exquisitely, but browsing within Roon is not very easy at the moment.
For Classical albums I have populated the ALBUMARTIST tag with the composer’ surname. I find this to be the easiest way to navigate a large collection.
For popular music the ALBUMARTIST tag contains the dominant artist in instances where collaborations and featured artists appear.
Please help if possible.
Thank you. Doug (Moorgate Acoustics).

In Settings > Library > Import Settings, under “Metadata preferences for albums,” do you have “Album Artist” set to “Prefer File”?

Yes, Album Artist it is set to ‘Prefer File’. However, when I browse my library I do not have the option to browse by ‘AlbumArtist’, only the default ‘Artist’ view.
Am I missing something, sorry I am quite new to Roon.

Probably also a good way to confuse Roon as well, despite your exquisite tagging. Roon does quite well at recognising composers on its own, and over 6,000 other credit roles as well. I suspect you are making things more difficult for both yourself and Roon. Use the Force, Luke… :wink:

I am in my third day of trial of Roon. I spent most of the time to learn and try!
I would like very much to recover and use the “AlbumArtist” ID3 TAGs embedded in in my FLAC files.
No success.