How to change Core from crashed computer?

My computer (Tower) with core installed crashed, lost everything. It’s in a perpetual loop saying need to reinstall windows but I can’t do anything with it. Anyways I’m looking to change the core onto another computer I use for editing, but it I read I have to undo the first core, which I can’t because that computer is essentially now trash.

What’s my next step?

Were you backing up your roon darabase?

No, came home from work. computer was down and trying to reboot. It’s a ASUS. I’ve had some trouble with installing the latest windows updates ever since changing to Windows 10 years ago. I should have changed the core a long time ago but I use that computer for only music. I also had Jriver for streaming outside the home.

Install a new core, connect to the new core from your remote(s). That is all you really need to do.

Once you get it up and running, configure the automatic backups this time.


Thanks, I’m trying that right now.

Everything worked. Thanks for the help.

Unfortunately since I lost everything I have no back ups to help rebuild my library Favorites/Bookmarks/Tags. A massive undertaking to say the least. With 35,000 tracks to go through :frowning_face: