How to change KEF LS50w Master from right to left

Quite obvious really :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Kef will be posting this into the fw update release notes but in the mean time…

To set Master as Left Channel,

1 In PC source press the space between source select and volume down icon 5 times
2. Press volume up icon once
3. Press A, the blinking icon will swap from C to D.
4. Press B to confirm and exit.

Repeating the above process will swap the channels back again.


One of the best updates they could have done imo. Can’t believe it wasn’t there to start with. It cost them a sale to me as I had to make a different choice.

Hi Paul

I agree although it was not critical to me so my purchase went ahead.

I am assuming you emailed them or something … thanks. It worked. Certainly child-proof :wink:

Ok, now I just need Roon readiness of some form and I can try ditching my usb chain!

Can’t help with your request, we have all just got to be patient.

Kef has certainly screwed the pooch in every aspect of updates and communications with their customers.

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Agree, this info should have been sent with a notice and updated in the FAQ page. Heck even the support page is useless to find this info. At least the one I have looked through.

LOL just saw this on their website:

So the black box on their site is a hot spot but it only takes you to the Tidal website, not Spotify or ROON.
There is a downloads tab on their site but the firmware link is not there.

It’s really odd how bad they are at this. Don’t they have a marketing department managing how they communicate?