How to change my organized folder back to the original configuration? [resolved: restore from backup]


I am currently on a trial membership. I am considering a membership as I like the functionality of Roon. However when I initially installed and setup Roon, I had Room setup an “organized” folder instead of a “watched folder”. I didn’t realize the impact of the file reorganization that occurred. Roon setup warned me about this could be an issue and I now realize my mistake. I have a backup disk that is not connected to my computer. I could delete my current organized folder and add a new “watched” folder. However before proceeding I would like you advice on the best way to revert my “organized” folder back into it’s original configuration. I appreciate your support.

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I did the same thing when I had a trial membership because I didn’t notice the warning. I allowed Roon to organize only 2 of my directories but they were so disrupted that I could not get my other music programs to see many of the files.

I bit the bullet, deleted those directories and replaced them from the backup. I will not make that mistake again and, I suspect, neither will you.

I’d love to know if there’s a better solution.

Everybody runs the trial on a reduced music selection copy right? but regardless you have backups of your music?

The sooner a patch to remove this reorganise gets pushed out the better.

1.3 has eliminated this feature. Coming soon…

Restore from backup :frowning2:

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Thanks for the replies! The responses were helpful! A few process questions. I don’t want the Roon software to attempt to “re-organize” the folder when I restore my folder from backup. Should I uninstall Roon or give the folder a new name? I will need to delete the current contents of my drive on the computer where my music is stored. I don’t want Roon to “organize” it again. Thanks again for your help

Just remove the Organized Folder, and when you’ve restored the backup, add it as a Watched Folder – you should be all set.