How to change name after moving from Syno to Rock

And restoring backup.
How to rename the old name DS416Play

DS416Play was the old roon core
Now i habe a ROCK and did make a restore

I would like to change the name

Hi Ronny,
the name of the core can be changed under “Setting/Setup”.

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Hello Roland!

My heartbeat stopped

I could change the name
Then i could no more connect from ipad
Connected to the New name and connection did not work
Rebooted rock
Still no connection
Rebooted ipad
Still no connection
Some minutes later …
It is now working fine again with new name

I really dod not know, why it did take some time to connect

Thank you!!

Hi Ronny
I currently have Roon running on a DS416Plat as you did and want to change to a NUC running ROCK with the music files stored on the NAS. How did you go about setting this up and transferring the Roon OS? I’m not very computer savvy so any help is welcome

Short version
Backup the core to a nas-Folder

Then start nuc and restore the backup from the nas-Folder

These sites may help you

I made roon backup of CORE
BIOS update on nuc
Bios Configuration
Boot ROCK-Installation-Image on USB-Stick
Started ROCK
Restore roon-configuration-backup of Nas