How to change network configuration in Roon

I’m sorry I’ve been searching for a while but I couldn’t find the information. I recently changed my router. I connected my NUC to it and I have no clue how to change the connection with the NUC.

Here’s how I see it =

  • Connected to my old router + Remote connected to my old WIFI = no problem
  • Conected to my new router + remote connected to my new WIFI = can’t acces the CORE

I really have no clue how to change the network setup on my NUC.

Could you help me please? (Fun stuff, I’m don’t speak english that well, it’s a pain to find setup information…)


what is the new router?
Can you login in to the router and see if the NUC is getting an IP address?
The other thing to do is to plug the NUC into a screen and see what it is telling you.

Since you just changed out the router, the problem is probably there rather than anywhere else in your network. Do you know the IP address of your router (gateway)? It’ll be something like Enter your gateway IP address into your browser and you will get into the router configuration. Look for a tab labeled LAN or LAN IP or something close. Look there for your DHCP server. Click on that tab. Choose to Enable DHCP, enter the IP starting address for you DHCP pool (stay with me here, this sounds complex, but it is only clicking buttons.) I reserve the first 50 IP addresses for assigned or static (not DHCP). For example if your gateway is set your DHCP starting address to And the IP DHCP POOL ending address to Set the lease time to whatever you want (I use 86400 seconds). Enter the default gateway if you are asked. You may need to enter a DNS address, I use, or, or - all this does is looks for the spelled out name associated with the IP address, who wants to remember all the IP numbers. Also in this section is probably something that reads Enable Manual Assignment or Static Addresses, set that to enable. Look around in the Roon community for Router settings. Good luck! and IM me if you get hung up.

David_Belmonte Next work on the NUC. You may want to give it a manual address, and also let the router know the same manual address.

thx it work like a treat!

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Hello @David_Belmonte, glad you got some help here! Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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