How to change ports on Roon Server for Arc?

I am trying to connect Roon ARC to my Roon Server. I could not get it to connect. I uninstalled the server and put Roon App on the box. Then I had to reset the ports and voila it worked.

My question: How do I set/reset the ports for Roon server? My PC is a headless configuration, and I don’t need the overhead of the app (with the exception of the port reset option in the Roon ARC menu of the main app.)

thx for the help. Love Roon (Lifetime member)
– WW

To clarify (since it copied the original thread): My router is fine since I got it to work using the Roon app and changing the port from default (55000) to 55002 (default after hitting the reset link in the Roon ARC setting.

My question: Is there a way to reset the default port of the Roon Server software? More especially, can I change it to 50002.


@Winter_Wolf, yes you can change the port value to range of values in Settings → Roon ARC. Really any value can be used in the 50000-65535 for TCP port forwarding. I believe Roon selected the ~55000 value as a good compromise in this range.

How Can I do it for “Roon Server”? For normal Roon as the Core, I can use the reset link under Roon ARC setting. When I am trying to connect to a “Roon Server” Core this option does not seem to exist when I open Roon Arc setting on my remote machine.

– WW

Can you post a screenshot of the Settings > Roon ARC screen? It’s odd, because when I connect to a Roon Server running on my headless Windows 10 server, I’m seeing the screen complete with the reset link…

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Hi @Winter_Wolf ,

On the regular Roon app, you would need to go to Roon Settings → General → Disconnect and then connect to the RoonSerer database to configure the settings for RoonServer.

It sounds like you are running both RoonServer and All-in-one on the same PC. If you configured the All-in-one as a Roon Core, then they would have separate databases and settings. I would ensure understanding the differences between the two:

Thx I will look into that. Do we know that Roon Server is supported for Core 2 and Roon ARC?

Yes, RoonServer works with Roon 2.0.

Got it to work with the above steps (renamed Roon folder to RoonServer and installed the server. Only thing is I noticed I could not uninstall Roon anymore (I assume it is using the same folder structure and obviously the folder root name got changed). Now the RoonServer folder takes up 1.1 GB disk space. Is there a way I can remove/cleanup the old Roon without touching RoonServer install?

Hey @Winter_Wolf,

Renaming Roon to Roonserver will not replace the full Roon app with the RoonServer app. If possible, can you share screenshots of your process, and what you’ve done so far?

Just to lean on the safe side, do you have a recent backup saved prior to when you started this transition? If so, you can always remove roon completely, then do a fresh install of RoonServer, and then load a recent backup.

That said, if you are running RoonServer successfully, it may be a good idea to keep Roon in your Applications folder so you have a Roon remote you can access on your core machine. Without it, you’d need another device to control Roonserver on your windows 11.

Here is more info on this :

Let me know if the above makes sense, and if you have any additional questions :+1:

I followed the following steps:

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