How to check for missing files

It is indicated that 43 files can not be found in “Library Maintenance”.
Is there a way to find out which file can not be found specifically?

Hi @currycooqoo,

No, it is not possible to get a list of files that appear here in Library Maintenance. Apologies for the inconvenience here.


I would like a function that can display the log of missing files.


Are 296 files audio files?
Or is it something else to use inside roon?

No. It is telling you there are two hundred ninety six music files that were once available as storage but are not any longer. It might have been a USB drive, or a folder you moved. But it means audio files.

While there is not a way yet, I believe I started a Feature Request for this awhile ago. Hmmm. Can’t find the thread atm.


According to this thread, it seems that some can be found by using the Focus.

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