How to check nucleus subnet?

For many connection issues, the advice given is to check the Nucleus subnet is the same as another device. Can anyone suggest the best way to do this?

Hi Paul,

There are a couple of ways.

  1. The easiest would be to connect to the Web page of the Nucleus and it’s IP should be displayed.

If you cannot reach the Nucleus web page, then you could…

  1. Plug up a monitor to see the display page which should also display the IP number

If that is not possible,

You could get a program like Fing (both iOS and Android) and it will inspect your network and list all attached devices and their IP numbers. As a side note, pretty handy to have for other uses as well.

cheers, thanks for that. I didn’t realise that that number was the subnet address, thought it was the IP address of the Nucleus.

Paul, when they ask to verify if it is on the same subnet, they mean check that the first 3 numbers sets of the IP number are the same, like and are on the same subnet because 192.168.1. Is the same in both IP.numbers.

good to learn something new, cheers

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