How to check SSD health on a NUC/ROCK?

Is there a way to check SSD health on a NUC/ROCK system?

On my desktop I use Samsung Magician, but this SW only “sees” the to Samsung drives on my desktop.



No there isn’t. A ROCK/NUC is an appliance - you don’t get to look inside the box.

You can boot your NUC into an OS that will allow you to run diagnostics, on your SSD or RAM, or whatever.

Sad that there is no way to be proactive - before a SSD disaster happens - End-of-Life.

You could buy another M.2 and install it. When and if it fails, install your old one. I actually considered that after just replacing mine.

I agree, that is why ROCK is used on my backup Roon Core. It is also one of the first things I requested in the RoonOS 2.0 request thread.

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