How to Configure Roon Server (headless)

I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find any documentation on how to configure Roon Server to use / import music library. I have a headless Mac Mini and can run Roon itself using attached storage and importing my library successfully. However, if I switch over to the server — which is preferred, since I don’t want a GUI — it doesn’t use any of the same configuration and no longer shows up on my network. Am I missing something? Thanks.

Dylan, the Server version is setup via any other copy of Roon running - be it on a tablet, or any windows/OS X remote.

If you wanted to keep your original config, I believe you can rename the install folder ‘Roon’ to ‘RoonServer’, but it’s worth checking the KB for sure.
It’s easy to start over and re-import if you don’t have a lot setup already.

Hi Dylan,

Documentation for what you want to do is here.

Also, check out the new Roon User Guide.

Cheers, Greg


This looks like just the thing. Thank you.