How to connect a Dynaudio Connect

I want to use a Dynaudio Connect with wireless Dynaudio speakers. I am going to have a NUC running Roon core. The Dynaudio has a USB input.

Does anyone know if i can simply connect the Dynaudio Connect to the NUC via USB so that the Connect then streams to the speakers the stream from the NUC?

If not, other ideas to make the Dynaudio Connect an endpoint? It has coax and optical in, so I guess an Rpi + digione sig with Ropieee would work to create an endpoint, but that is not a cheap solution.


Not much on the connect but a review of the hub said it was a driverless usb input. I’d ask dynaudio if it works with Linux.

“while the digital optical and coaxial inputs accept full-on 24-bit/192kHz hi-res audio files (USB is 24/96)”

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I use a Focus XD that came with a connect and I never used the connect much. I found it less than ideal in use and went to an Allo Digione BNC to BNC. Works great and wonderful audio.

here’s a few noob questions—does the allo send a digital or analog signal to the focus xd?

is the allo digione bnc a HAT for a Rpi with Ropieee? does the allo bnc connect to your Roon core via wi-fi?

i’m new to this and trying to figure this out! thanks!

Digital from ALLO to the Focus XD. Keep in mind the Focus has amps and a DAC built in.

Yes the ALLO Digione is a HAT for RPI and Ropieee is a great distribution for Roon end point use. The ALLO Digione has both a BNC and RCA SPDIF connector.

In my configuration the ALLO Digione is connected via LAN to the Roon Core (In a different room). I found Wi-Fi connections are not optimal in my environment.

Thank you Tony. In my setup, i wouldn’t be able to connect the Rpi via ethernet. my wifi is good, so maybe that wouldn’t be a problem.

My Media Room is about 30 feet from my Router, Roon Core, etc. and it isn’t wired for Ethernet so I’ve been using the Comtrend Powerline Adapters with great success. i stream full HD video across that link without any problems at all. And for ROON it works perfect.