How to connect a New NAS to Nucleus and disconnect the old one

Roon Core Machine

NAS Synology DS416Play contents are copied on NAS synology DS 1821-Synology Nas

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Switch Netgear WIFI Ethernet Ziggo

Connected Audio Devices

All PS Audio
Nucleus (Not +)

Number of Tracks in Library

9148 Albums

Description of Issue

I have tried and tried but I still have no idea.
How to connect my new Synology DS1821 to My Nucleus. I have tried your advice: Click…on Finder Music…(Little house chimney), right click on music (to find My Music) Well here it stops I don’t find “My music” I only get Apple Music and I am not doing busines with apple music.

Problem: How to disconnect synology DS416 Play from my Nucleus and how to connect my new Synology DS 1821 - Synology NAS.
Please step by step…Unfortunately, I don’t have all the data needed I am afraid. I have though:

DS1821 - Synology NAS
DS 416 Play - Synology Disk Station

I hope this will do.

I spent a lot of money on this new Nas. I am worthless as an I-ter but it works fine for Audirvana and Qobuz (just open the Nas and play).
So I hope you will assist me in solving this.

Thanks a lot in anticipation,


Some help from the knowledge base:

I think you need to add the NAS share within Roon (Settings > Storage).

if you already moved the files to their new location, it should suffice to Edit the storage locations – but you have to add the Network Share = the folder(s) on your new NAS where the music is stored at least once to see it appear as a possible location in the Browse dialog.

Roon Core Machine

All PS Audio

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

I play music from a Synology Nas to Nucleus (not+).
The Nas is DS 416Play.

I bought a new NAS. DS1821

I copied the music from the 416 Play to the DS1821

My probeem is "How to make Nucleus understand that I have a new Nas?

I made a topic of this yesterday and got a reply.
I would like to reply myself but after 36 hours this topic was dismissed, invalid, closed, shut away, not approachable any longer…

So I try again.

I was sent an excerpt of a manual (I think) and to be honest, I only understood the part where I was advised to find Storage.

This was the beginning of a lot of not misunderstanding.
First folders. Is the Nas a folder?

Is it possible to explain terminology first and then step by step tell me what to do.

Then watched folders. What are watched folders
Then the IP Adress. Where to find that?

Looking at the screenshot you will see that Synology 416 is in use.
How to get Synology DS1821 in its place?

Please give me a name so that I can reply to a human being.

By the way, I have the feeling that the screenshot is about back ups

Thanks again

Frans Gommers

Hi @Gommie,

I understand it’s been some time since your inquiry, and please accept our apologies that this thread slipped under the radar for so long.

The most robust solution for connecting the new NAS is to use IP address connection. Your Ziggo router should have a settings configuration page you can access in a web browser by entering its IP address in the URL field. Try to set up a reserved IP address for your NAS drive.

For more instructions, please reference the network share section of the above article (here’s the link again).