How to connect laptop to Holo May KTE/Lumin T2 w/o Airplay for higher bitrate?

Hello - newbie here, but I do understand that that Airplay, eg, from an iPad will limits Qobuz to 44k,
Because of this, I tried the Lumin app, a their suggestion, and it worked–got up to 192k! But the app was buggy and not very elegant, so trying Roon for the win.
Only been using it for an hour and love it - will probably do a lifetime membership, BUT I’m stuck at 44k again, since it’s running from Airplay on my laptop.
How do I connect it without using airplay to get those 88k - 192k tracks back up there?
Thank you!

@jeremy_baumann, welcome to the Community. I moved your request to the Lumin category so other Lumin users may be able to assist with your question.

You have Roon on your laptop which is a Mac? You need to enable the Roon Ready instance of your Lumin device and that requires you to launch the Lumin app and configure it for Roon.

  1. Lumin app, switch Roon on.
  2. Roon app. disable AirPlay and enable Roon Ready instance of Lumin.

I agree with @Henry_McLeod and as the laptop is your Roon Core its needs to be connected to your network via ethernet & the audio output should be usb to your Holo for best results. Normally I would disable any upsampling in the Lumin & Roon letting the Holo do the work but you could experiment with that to find the best sound quality.

Hi Henry and thank you for the super helpful and quick reply!
It seems like just the first step got me 90% of the way there. I’m using a PC laptop for the moment and couldn’t figure how how to do the second step. I do see that the zone (“sound system”) is still connected via airplay but don’t see how to change that to Roon as you suggested. Please advise and thanks a lot–looking fwd to hearing back.

Hi P and thank you for the added details. Will try with Ethernet and Usb tomorrow-- excited about getting this working!

Question: assuming this is all good and it works well, is it an easy switch to a mac mini? I’m using a work laptop (my own biz) for figuring this all out and will need to take it out of town on occasion. So looking at a perm computer so the family can use the system when I’m away. Trying to avoid any tech heavy setup and keep it simple for all.
Thanks again.

Hi @jeremy_baumann yes it’s not that difficult to migrate across to the mini but if that’s your plan and have the mini I would set it up asap to avoid any potential problems.

You just load Roon on the mini & migrate your library across, details of the process can be found at:-

If you have problems the community will always be able to offer help fairly quickly.

From Roon, go into settings, then Audio. If Roon is enabled on the Lumin you should see a Roon Ready box with Lumin and that needs to be enabled. While there disable the Airplay option to avoid confusion.

In Lumin app, enable Roon Ready. Disable Lumin Streaming (AirPlay) if you don’t need it, along with Spotify Connect and Tidal connect if not used.

In Roon settings → Audio, scroll down to the Roon Ready section, find Lumin T2, enable it and assign it a zone name. In the zone selection, choose the newly named Lumin zone.

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