How to connect Roon to Meridian Source 600 as end point and Apple Airport Time Capsule as Core?

I am new to Roon and also Meridian Source 600. I try to set it up but Roon does not see the music files in time Capsule.

Make sure the MS600 is connected to your LAN.
Use a LAN scanner, like fing (I use the iPad version), to confirm the MS600 can be seen.
Point a web browser at the MS600’s IP to check its configuration.

If you can’t see the MS600, is possible it is setup to use a fixed IP address that is not with your LAN subnet.
The default is to use DHCP to obtain an IP address.
I would recommend installing the Meridian Sooloos Configuration software to check / change.

Apple Time Capsule
I’m not an Apple user so not best placed to give advice, however …
Are you able to type the SMB address into Finder under Go > Connect To Server and connect successfully?

If that doesn’t work you may need to confirm that the Time Capsule is configured to use SMB.

Also, can you confirm the details of your system? Is the Time Capsule mounted in OSX?

Thank’s Carl,

I see Meridian Source 600 on Roon but when I play a song, there is no sound, also when I hit play button I see the graphic equalizer is moving as it is playing but the timer is not advancing (00:00) also the numbers on the timer remains the same.

I can not install Meridian Sooloos Configuration software as I am using OSX (iMac) not Windows.

Hi @Ali_Ozbora ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here.

You can find some tips on the best method(s) for adding network storage devices in Roon here in our knowledge base :sunglasses:

Moving forward, may I kindly ask you to please provide me with the following:

  1. A screenshot of your “audio” tab found under settings.

  2. A screenshot of the bottom of the screen when playback starts (playback controls + progress bar + Zone indicator + volume icon).


Dear Eric,

Please find below the screenshots you have asked for. I will also add 3 others for your convenience.
I believe somehow player is not functioning for Meridian as the progress bar stands still even though I hit play button. (But graphic bar animation next to meridian on Audo page is showing it like as it is playing)

I have checked all the hardware connection to make sure that it is not just a simple a mis-cabling or wrong line selection on the preamp issue.)

I hope it is an easy solution.



@Ali_Ozbora can you access your MS600 via a web browser by entering its IP address and post the output? This will work on a Mac or Windows.


Hi here it is

Now it is working time to time… When I start up Roon Core (iMac) and play on Meridian Media Soruce 600 (in a different room connected to the same wifi) It is ok.
the I switch to iPhone control. It works a while but as long as I started browsing the albums on iPhone it stops.

You mention wifi, can you tell us exactly how your devices are connected, if your Mac is your Roon core and also has your library then connecting that and the MS600 to a switch would be a good test.