How to connect to external SSD connected to Nucleus+ via usb

I’ve searched the community for a long time, but can’t find an answer.
Use a MacbookPro with the Roon software, and a NucleusPlus with internal 4TB SSD, externally connected via USB a 500GB SSD.
Now I would have loved to have my backups and playlists (created over the years using Audirvana) on that external 500Gb SSD.
How can I find the external 500Gb SSD?
When I choose backups in the roon software it is only possible via the network, in the data storage I only see the Nucleus+, if I want to add a folder, it is also only via the network.
I Can access my Nucleus+ via (smb://NUCLEUSPLUS/Data/Storage/InternalStorage) but the external 500Gb SSD is not visible, tried to put the playlists between the albums, but the roon software doesn’t see them.
Can someone help me please, Thanks

The Nucleus is not seeing the USB drive. If it did it would show up as a directory under storage along with Internal storage.

Maybe try a different cable. What format is that drive? You might try reformatting it to exFAT.

Thanks very much, problem solved, the drive was formatted for macOS, ExFat works


Thanks again, the backups is no problem any more, but the playlists are not seen in Roon.
I created a map on that drive, and put my m3u files in it, scanned the map, but no playlist are seen, any idee

Hi Jacques,

Just to be clear. On the new drive, you mapped it to your Mac PC and then put some m3u files on it. Then had Roon scan those files and you don’t see any of them.

I would urge you to review this FAQ first as it might resolve your questions.

Yes, connect the drive to my MacBook, copied the map with the m3u files in it, then coupled the drive again to the nucleus, let the Roon app scan that drive, but the playlist are not visible in Roon

Please give the playlist faq a review. Btw, just a fellow user not official support.

Okay, will do