How to connect with Naim & McIntosh

Hope somebody can help me and other newbee’s out with the connection of hardware.
My setup:
Macbook Pro = Roon
McIntosh streamer MB50= Wifi
Naim Muso = Wifi
Naim Unitiqute 2 = UTP
Sonos Connect = UTP

After installing Roon it finds my Chromecast TV’s, MUSO and Sonos. Connection made and it works!
Problem 1: It does not find my McIntosh MB50.
Problem 2: It does not find my Naim Unitiqute 2.

Installed Roon Bridge. Tried on the unitiqute. Didn’t find it.

How to solve this?


Hi @Jos_Vriend,

As far as I can tell, these two devices are not Roon Ready streamers, meaning that they won’t work via a network connection with Roon.

You will have to connect these via another connection to your Core or to a compatible Roon Ready device first. Hope this helps!

– Noris

For the Naim the popular solution seems to be a upnp bridge that takes IN Roon and puts OUT upnp that the Naim sees.

The McIntosh is playfi networked, no idea for that other than as Noris suggested and plug a roon ready device into it’s digital inputs.

The McIntosh MB50 is also DLNA compatible so it can also work with SonoreUPNP Bridge.

Thanks I didn’t see that amongst hyperbole on the product page.

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