How to control Roon Server in Windows Server 2016 Core remotely?

My single setup is ASUS ROG I7 / WS2016 / Roon Server / Tidal / HQP / FP / AO 2.20 Beta 5 / Singxer SU-1 / Gustard X-20 Pro.
I managed to run this set-up successfully in WS2016 GUI mode with Roon remote control via android smartphone.
In order to reach the top of the SQ mountain I installed WS2016 Core and managed to get everything up and running apart from the wireless nertwork adapter.
Without a WIFI connection I don’t know how to control the Roon server remotely.
After 60+ hours of surfing on the internet and numerous attempts to (re)install network drivers and wireless adapter drivers I’m about to surrender and descend to the GUI base camp unless somebody comes up with the golden tip.

I have used the NETGEAR Universal N300 Wi-Fi to Ethernet Adapter (WNCE2001) to connect a device with an Ethernet port to WiFi. It looks to the computer like a wired connection. May be easier to connect than a USB WiFi adapter.

Nowadays I use Eero for WiFi, their mesh nodes have Ethernet jacks.

Thank you very much for your fast reply Anders.
Did you install this device to get wireless on windows core as well?
Can it be used without having to install a driver?

It doesn’t need a driver, to the computer it just looks like a network wire.
I haven’t used it for free core, didn’t need to, has wiring to the core. But I don’t imagine any problem.

Thanks Anders