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Just received my Nucleus today and I installed an SSD. I have migrated the core from my MacBook Pro to internal SSD storage installed in the Nucleus, but now I have two challenges:

  1. Copying the database backup to the Nucleus internal storage. I have the backup in my MacBook Pro and do not have USB storage. How can I copy this database to Nucleus? Since I can access the Nucleus storage from the MacBook, can I simply copy and paste the RoonBackups folder?

  2. Transferring music files from my MacBook to the Nucleus internal storage. I think in this case, the documentation seems to indicate that the process above should work. Will copying and pasting my music library as it is to NUCLEUS/Data/Storage/InternalStorage work?

Thank you for the super quick response @wizardofoz. That’s the documentation I’m following. And I have the doubts I wrote above.

Rereading more carefully, I see that I missed an option to “Restore a backup” when I first logged in. Since I didn’t see a way to go back to that, I re-set the Nucleus to get to that step again and do that instead of signing in directly. But I’m in the same situation again. If my database is in the MacBook Pro, I don’t have a NAS, and I don’t have a USB drive, I don’t know how to restore my old database.

I’m confused when you say you migrated the core from the Mac to the internal storage. How did you do this? This would be the step where you restore your backup to the Nucleus. It would not restore to the internal storage that you added. The internal storage that you added is for music files.

The core resides on the internal system drive that comes preinstalled.

Now, you want to restore the backup located on the Mac, so all your edits, likes, etc. will carry over to the Nucleus.

Since you need to restore from the MacBook, you will need to create a network share of the backup folder on the Mac, so that Roon on the Nucleus can see it.

Once the share is created, you would select restore in Roon, then Add a Network Share, navigate to the backup, then restore.

Here are instructions on how to create the share, however it shows how to add the share to your music library. In your case, you want to add the share for the backup.

Let us know if you have any more questions.

Cheers, Greg

I’m rather taken aback that having bought a Nucleus you hadn’t researched the transition needs, and even more concerned that you have a Mac (maybe more than one computer?) and don’t have any means of backing up your data to an external medium like a USB drive or even a USB stick.

Seriously consider investing in a backup USB drive for Time Machine if nothing else.

Gregs solution should work but it will assume you corer has a backup on the Mac (normally to your documents folder) but its a bit challenging for some to get the sharing setup correctly. While using a USB drive being the best option normally. Depending on your library size the backup might consume many Gigabytes so a USB HDD is best and faster than a USB stick to do the manual backup to and then you can restore into the Nucleus.

!! Make sure the Nucleus has been updated to the latest software before you start. Assuming you performed a reinstall from the WEB GUI this should be the case

Thank you both for your help. I really appreciate it. I was able to use the link that @Greg shared and apply it to get the database backup that was living in my MacBook. With that done, I was able to schedule daily backups to Dropbox.

I haven’t started the setup for playing my local files, but I feel like that will be easier. Thanks so much for the help and the recommendations to @wizardofoz as well!


Hello @Manu, glad to see you got some help here! Please let us know if you have any further issues.

All solved! Thanks for the help. Very happy with the Nucleus!

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