How to Create Artist and Album Name for Home Recordings

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I’m new to Roon and I want to use it to completely replace iTunes. I use iTunes for organizing ripped CD’s etc by other people and I use it for organizing my own music (I’m a recording artist). I want to be able to easily record tracks in my recording studio, then drag them into a playlist, then enter artist name and album name. But I can’t figure out how to do this. There doesn’t appear to be a place where you can enter in the name of the artist or album. Am I missing something? In iTunes you just go to the info for the track and enter it right there. Super easy. But I’m not seeing that in Room. Please help.

Are your files tagged? Roon should pick up tags on your files to start with.

To edit them you select the track/album, click the “hamburger” button then select edit album/track.

What does it mean to “tag” a file? I don’t know what a tag is.

But here’s more info on what happens. I bounce to the hard drive from Digital Performer (one of the major DAW programs that mixing engineers use, similar to Pro Tools or Apple Logic). When you bounce a mix to the hard drive, you select basic parameters like bit depth, sample rate. But you don’t add any info like artist, album, etc. The DAW just creates the AIFF file. That’s it. Then, historically I drag this into iTunes and add the artist name, album, date, etc.

Are you suggesting that I have to tag the file somehow before it goes into Roon? Please explain what this is and why it matters. Many thanks.

An internet (Google) search for ‘tag music files’ will help you get started. I guess you already tag your files as entering info in iTunes is, in essence, tagging. Meta data is another description. Basic data is best stored in the file. Roon can work on files with no meta data and store info about a file in it’s own data base, but if you copy this file to a different player (a portable for example) it won’t show up with any information.

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Hi @Jack_West,

Data displayed in Roon will come from one of two sources:

  • Roon’s metadata
  • File tags

Since these are recordings that you are making yourself, our metadata providers will not have this data. So the other option is tag your files using a file tagging application. We have some data about tagging best practices here in our KB.

Alternatively you can edit the albums manually in Roon.

Let me know if you have any questions about this!

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Thanks for the replies. Very helpful. A few more questions:

Does iTunes create a tag or metadata when I give a newly created song artist, album, and recording date info?

Is there any way to tag files within Roon or do I have to use a 3rd party app as you suggested?

If I create the artist, album, and recording date info as metadata in Roon, then I open the track in iTunes, will it see the artist, album, and recording date info? Or is the only way to have cross-compatibility of this basic info by using tags?



I would tag the files themselves using a dedicated app. You are going to have to do it somewhere anyway and you might as well do it at the beginning.

What sort of computer OS do you have? MP3Tag has both OSX and Windows apps, and is free.

It supports AIFF files.

The benefit of doing this is you only have to do it once then the metadata will flow with the files whatever you do with them.

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