How to deal with messed-up Tidal albums

Here’s what I get for the Tidal album “Haydn 2032, Vol. 1: La Passione” by Giovanni Antonini

There are a number of issues which I would know how to fix if I had the album on my hard disk, using file tags. I have no idea how to do it within Roon.

  • The movements of the Haydn symphony are not grouped. I don’t know how to change the “work” part of the tracks’ title in order to achieve this

  • Composer and Performer credits are shown differently for the tracks. In fact, the credits for all four tracks of the symphony are identical (manually edited within Roon). It is correctly shown in the File Credits popup window from the three-dot menu.

  • I have 14 separate “Don Juan” entries in Gluck’s composition catalog from the tracks of this CD. Since they have identical titles up to the ~ separator, they should be grouped into one composition. I don’t know why this doesn’t happen.

The fact that track 4 has only basic info suggest you have a dodgy automatic identification. Can I suggest you manually identify it. Maybe one of the tracks will be red and causing a problem.

This may help and if so, we can work on the remaining problems.

Ah … that did it for the Haydn. This looks ok now.

Nothing changed for the Gluck, however, except that 17 versions are displayed. I guess it’s presently not possible to force tracks being grouped into compositions …

I suspect that’ll be a metadata error. Sometimes movements are marked in the metadata server as individual performers, which produces this problem. Can’t be fixed within the Roon app right now, I think.