How to deal with random single songs

Most of my collection is full albums i have ripped to mp3 (old) and FLAC (newer). For a few years I bought a lot of single songs on iTunes. From within iTunes I burned CDs to have in my car so now I have a set of folders called

iTunes 1 - Summer 2004
iTunes 2 - November 2005
iTunes 3 - December 2005

For about 10-15 folders worth of songs of high bitrate MP3.

Then I have a bunch of old Playlists that reference those folders, so I want to see if I can import the playlists.

In general does anyone have tips on how to deal with collections of single songs? I might mash the folders together and have one folder of them. I am also thinking about a scheme where I can potentially add the folder in or remove it from Roon as having them in tends to clutter things up and it makes an “album” with one song.

Again, this is not my main collections but just a series of one off songs.


Your current or proposed folder structure for grouping the tracks by time period probably will not work well in Roon and likely will not keep all of the tracks together.

My suggestion would be to ensure that the iTunes metadata is in order for the tracks in question, then let Roon try its hand at identification. Roon will attempt to match the individual tracks to their respective albums.

I have my own assortment of a hundred or so pop/rock singles or isolated album tracks that I purchased during an iTunes phase a decade ago. Roon identified some based on their iTunes embedded metadata. But I had to help Roon identify others. In almost all cases, a manual match was successful.


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I’d just create my own albums using a tagger. I have one called Singles Gathered which has all the necessary composer, artist and genre metadata associated with each track. Roon handles it like it does any other compilation, except, as expected, it’s “unidentified”.


i like this approach to make my own compilations. What’s a good basic tagger on Mac OS? (I used J. River a long time back on windows).

Heya! I’m new to Roon and I wanted to ask if there’s a way to identify single tracks (that weren’t identified) inside an album?

For example, I have an album that the official release is 14-tracks, and Roon was able to Identify it. However, I usually add b-sides and bonus tracks at the end of the tracklist to have it all organized under same album.

However, with this structure, Roon doesn’t recognize the last tracks as they aren’t part of any official 14-track release, but those bonus tracks were added in other album editions (let’s say a Japan 12-track one) or CD singles.

Is there any way to match those individual tracks so they also can have their credit, lyric, etc. info?