How to delete a Favorite in "Qobuz Favorites"?

Hi, I tried to delete a favorite while being in the Qobuz favourites. But…the delete-icon is greyed and inactive there! Going to the artist, deleting works fine.
Is this a bug? I would like to be able to delete favourites “wherever I am” ( inside the ROON-menu😉)

…in addition, I noticed that the favorites in Qobuz are NOT marked as favorites at all! When I press the “+” button appears the loading animation and then nothing happens… very strange!

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It’s because you are browsing the Qobuz library when you are on the “My Qobuz” page, and not your Roon Library. So the “+” icon shows by default,. because it is viewing an album in Qobuz directly. If you click the “3 dots” menu, you will see that the “Add to library” icon is greyed-out, signifying that the album is already in your Roon Library, as per this example:

Hi Geoff, thanks for the quick reply! yes, I see that it is…but why can I NOT edit my favorites in the Qobuz list? That doesn’t make sense to me…

I suspect it’s because a Qobuz “Favourite” is not the same thing as a Roon Library “Favourite”.

You say “the delete-icon is greyed and inactive there”. I’m not seeing a Delete icon at all. Any chance you could post a screenshot to illustrate what you are seeing?

Hi Geoff, I understand…Qobuz Library and ROON Library are two sparated “locations”…it’s not a big thing, I’ll deal with it. “delete button” was the wrong term, sorry! I meant the “add to library” button of course!
Thanks for the great support, that gives even more plus points for ROON!!!