How to Delete a Playlist in 1.8

I used to favorite playlists in Qobuz so that they’d show up in my Playlists in Roon. In 1.7, I’d click on the 3-dots to the right, save a local copy, and then delete the original Qobuz version of the playlist. This way, if there was a song in the playlist I didn’t like, I’d cull it out.

Now in 1.8, I can’t seem to find a way to delete a Qobuz playlist. Where did that function go?

Discovered myself.

Control-click the playlist, and a delete option shows up top. This is not at all how I used to do it.

Yes, definitely different from what I recall.

You can also go into edit via the right click, or select the three dots (ellipsis) and then select Delete.

I’ve imported a whole bunch of “smart” playlists from iTunes/Music and I don’t see a way to delete them. I only get a pop up menu with a couple of options, none of which is “Delete”
Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 3.37.40 PM

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I have the same problem. Any advice, Roon Community?

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Same here. How do I delete a playlist??

Exact same problem. I have a bunch of playlists imported from an old iTunes Library that I want to delete. Please help … anyone!

Dead Simple , use the 3 dot menu to the RHS of the Playlist

But the 3 dot menu on my iMac is exactly as shown by James_McNally above and attached here; there is NO delete option (tried various combinations of right click/option/command/shift keys)

The delete option only shows up for playlists created on Roon; not for playlists that were imported from iTunes.xml

I knew there was a reason to use Windows :rofl:

That looks buggish to me

the iTunes thing my be my playlists were created in Roon , but I think one or 2 in Tidal ?

Yeah; I can also delete Tidal playlists; it’s just the xml imports that’s a problem.

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Right. So I think our question really is, “How do we delete imported iTunes playlists we no longer use from a Mac or iOS device?” I’ll settle for any answer, even if it means pulling up the CLI.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Deleted the iTunes Library.xml and Playlist.xml files on my external hard drive connected to Roon Rock (I use separate external music HDDs for Roon which are mirrors of my iTunes/iMac music HDDs)
  2. Edited my settings under Storage- for each external drive I changed the option to “Import iTunes Playlist” to “No” - see image
  3. Logged out and restarted Roon
    And voilà - the iTunes playlists are gone; still have my Roon and Tidal playlists. Now I will copy my new playlist files tohe Roon storage discs and re-enable the “Import iTunes Playlist” option.
    It’s a painful method - wish that Roon would just give us the option to delete.
    Let me know if this works for you.
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So my iTunes playlist disappeared by just doing Step 2 (actually toggling both playlist settings to “No”). I’ll go back and do Step 1 in case I ever want to toggle them back on.