How to delete a playlist when no edit function shows

clicking the 3 dots next to the playlist does not give and edit option

Post in the support category and fill in the system information

If this is on a phone, long press the playlist and a set of options up top will appear.

Choose the 3 dot menu there and delete playlist will be one of the selectable options.

Or it may just be an external (not Roon) playlist. External playlist are not editable in Roon and deletion has to be resolved at the external origin of the playlist (if possible at all).


Yes, agreed. I had assumed it was a local playlist.

It is a playlist created in Roon and on a Mac

If you need support, and that is what it looks like to me, then please post in the support category of the forum. Provide the information asked for in the template and for your case also screenshots of what you see in Roon would be helpful. Please follow the directions outlined in:

Thanks BlackJack