How to delete double albums in roon

Roon has imported all my local files twice and now I have doubles of everything from my local drive. Is there a way to remove doubles without deleting them from my local drive, in the settings menu?

Thank you

Thomas, can you please show a screenshot of the paths for your music file libraries or library. If Roon has two separate paths then eliminating one path is a simple approach, but it may depend on how your files are organized and how Roon in importing and monitoring these locations.

Robert - Where exactly would I find what you are requesting? Thanks

Roon - Settings - Storage

As @Jim_F said

The screen before the edit one you show.

Have a look at the file paths for one of the duplicates tracks in roon and see what it shows.

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When I first installed Roon 3 years ago, my libary also was being reinstalled separately on my new MacBook Pro. For some reason, every music file was duplicated so everything showed up twice in Roon. The Roon team helped diagnose it pretty quickly, chances are you have duplicates also in your Music folder path.

Weird, says “No file found” but when I went to delete the album, cover it won’t delete… I am not sure how to get it out of my library! Isn’t there a delete duplicate somewhere?

Thanks a bunch!

Have you rebooted everything from the network outward since this happened?
I’d try that.

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No, but i will give it a try



Hey @Thomas_Pinckard1,

Ben here with the support team, I wanted to check in on this thread and see if you were still running into issues with duplicate files?

If yes, both @Robert_F and @ged_hickman1 are steering you in the right direction. Please check both your music folder path for duplicates, as well as give your setup and core a full reboot.

We’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

Benjamin - All is good! The duplicates dropped off from my library. Back to bliss once again!

Thanks for following up!


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