How to delete own or automatic playlists?

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I ran in two strange things in Roon’s playlist management.
First I observed that Qobuz created a playlist by its own that I never initiated or had an idea of. Contents were Qobuz titles that I may have played in the past.
Second, Qobuz’ playlist cannot be deleted by any means. In Roon there are also obsolete playlists that I deleted in Apple’s “Music app” a long time ago. These can also not be deleted.
Thanks for hints.

Hi @WKW,

If you use the ellipsis button (three dots) to the far right of your Playlists while viewing the playlists page and select Delete Playlist that should work for you. This will delete playlists that pull from your local files as well as those created directly in streaming services, or natively in Roon.

Thanks Jamie. Unfortunately this is not the solution, because when I do what you suggest, I see: “Export…” and “Save a local copy”. There is no “Delete playlist”. I use the Mac version.

OK, I found that it is the “Smart Playlists” that cannot be deleted. The manual ones show a “Delete Playlist” on the ellipsis.

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Excellent! I’m glad you were able to locate the delete function @WKW

I am sorry Jamie, but you don’t seem to read the text.

My text says “there is a delete function for manual Playlists by Apple Music, but NOT for Smart Playlist.”

Hence, the issue is not solved.

Sorry, Jim_F, but I did not mention playlists by Qobuz, Tidal and Roon. I talk about playlists that were created in Apple Music and that appear in Roon. There are two kinds of playlists, smart and normal/manual. It is the smart playlists created in Apple Music that Roon does not handle correctly. They still appear in Roon even after the respective playlists were deleted in

Hi @WKW, locate the Apple Music xml file in your Roon watched iTunes music folder and remove it. This will remove all your Apple/iTunes playlists. If you wish to restore iTunes/Apple Music playlists that are still in that app you’ll next to export a new xml doc.

Hi Jamie. Thanks for these hints. I searched everywhere for a promising .xml file that could be the one you mean. There were hundreds of .xml files even related to playlists, but they had to do with printing within various .lproj folders: System/Applications/Music/Contents/Resources. I don’t believe these are the ones you mean.

There is no “iTunes folder” that could be watched by Roon, but only a music > media folder on the 4TB SSD that stores my library and a ~/Music/Music Library.musiclibrary on the 500GB Mac’s SSD. The latter package does not contain an iTunes folder and an .xml file.

No, it has not been answered.

Hey @WKW,

The steps I recommended here will resolve this. One, or several, of the .xml sheets in your Apple music folder contains pointers to the smart playlists. Those have to be removed in order to delete the playlists.

What you’re seeing isn’t a Roon product issue, it’s a matter of file management. Those playlists weren’t created in Roon, so they’re not able to be deleted in Roon. They can only be purged by deleting the xml files that construct the playlists.