How to delete post

How do I delete this post, I posted it in the wrong forum

Under the post, click the menu icon (3 dots).
This yields an option to delete (trash can icon).


PM a mod to move it (and any replies) to the correct category.

and where are these 3 dots?

thanks, I did that already ;=)

cannot delete the old post though, can not find the MENU Icon with the 3 dots anywhere…

Just under the post … To the left of the reply icon.
See this image.

I had assumed this is a recent post you wish to edit / delete.

If it’s old one (not sure of timeout period) then the forum s/w prevents further changes. In which case you’d have to ask a mod to help.

PM me a link to that post and I’ll take a look.

Thanx but these 3 dots are not found. Not via iMac nor iPhone. Strange …
The post is from yesterday and you can delete it for me. Best KnockKnock
PS THIS post HAS the three dots, just not the first one, which I want to delete

Oddly enough, I’m kind of inclined to leave your post here @KnockKnock, because it will be found by anyone searching for delete instructions. Let us know if you’d prefer it gone though and Carl, Nick or I will delete it.

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It´s ok with me to keep the post for others to see, no worries ;=)

BUT the 3 dots are NOT on my post from that day, see screenshot. Today there are 3 dots on the newest posts. Is it maybe bcs I forwarded it immediately to an other forum?

It’s because it’s first post in the topic, so Discourse has special rules. You can read about it more here.

Oh I see, so the post that @KnockKnock wished to delete was the one at top of this topic.
That’s where I’m a little confused as that post seems to have been posted as a “test” rather than by accident.

@KnockKnock is that correct or is it another post (in a different topic) you wanted to delete?

OK i didn’t know that, thanx ;=)

This is what happened:

Yes, I made a post, saw it was in the wrong place/forum, wanted to delete it, I could not. So I copy/pasted my text and placed it in the right forum (Support), and made a new entry (the words that still are in this post, about deleting).
You can delete or keep these words, it´s up to you.
I just added my words about not being able to delete, bcs I was not able to delete.

But still very confusing that I cannot delete the first post in the topic, hey it´s ME who wants to correct MY OWN mistake… I would change that if I were you ;=)

best KnockKnock

Thanks KnockKnock,

I don’t think it’s something Roon can easily change. The forum uses Discourse, which is an open source forum manager, and the rules about deleting topics and the first posts in topics are built in. Codinghorror (one of the authors of Discourse) describes the reasons for the rules in the link above. Basically it is concern about the capacity for trolling or griefing.

The solution the Discourse authors prefer is to have mods handle topic and first post deletions. So don’t hesitate to PM us if it should happen, either to yourself or anyone else reading the thread.

This is slowly growing into one of my favourite threads… :wink:


No worries ;=)

[quote=“KnockKnock, post:13, topic:10099”]
I made a post, saw it was in the wrong place/forum, wanted to delete it, I could not.
[/quote]Cool got that now… so this topic is a test and post you initially wanted deleting is somewhere else.

Post or PM me a link to that topic and I will remove it…

If you post in the wrong category again, just flag a mod and one of us will move it to the correct category.


Ha ha no don´t delete anything but maybe this thread.

As I could not delete my post, I put in in a different forum, but I also managed to change the text before posting my new words to the new forum. As I could not delete the old one, I changed my text to: how to delete this … And the rest is history.

No worries, don´t do anything more dear Roonies, everything is fine ;=)