How to delete queue?

Is there a way to cancel or delete the current queue? I only see options for adding tracks.

I’m asking because something peculiar happened. I was playing a set of audio test files, but Roon gets stuck on one track (SAYING IT IS ONLY OnE SECOND LONG) sorry about the caps… and now there is a small blue dash to the left of that track and I can’t play any other tracks anymore.

Tried closing and restarting app, but the same queu pops up again. Even worse, I can’t even play any other music, e.g., live radio. It looks like Roon keeps trying to play the one second track and won’t budge.

I think that’s what you’re looking for - 1 time to clear the queue but the actual song, 2 times to clear all.

I hope this is what you meant.

Thanks. That option was’t there as the queue was empty. I finally decided to restart the Nucleus and that did the trick. It had somehow choked on this file.

Nice to read this