How to delete the entire queue?

A previous thread of others in this section did not answer this question.
As I understand “the queue” is accumulating of months and even years possibly consuming a lot of processing resources while playing and scrolling.

Is it recommended by Roon to delete the queue regularly?

Not sure - others may answer with some background - but it’s my understanding this history is a basis for recommendations (Roon radio) as well

No, however, it can be done should the user wish to, by clicking the “Clear All” icon on on queue screen.

Thank you!
I deleted it entirely as I have ongoing problems with ROON stopping playing or skipping titles…
Will see, if it is better now!

I would not expect it to make any difference at all. If it does great but if not please respond to this post with the information requested …

It’s best to have all the information and history in your support topic.

Sent the log to support, will see!

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