How to delete tracks (from Tidal albums)

how to I delete tracks from an album in my roon library?

The room knowledge base is sorely lacking in this simple step (the techniques they suggest don’t work)

Select the track. On the bar that comes up at the top of the screen select edit. Then scroll down under track options until you can see an item delete track then select that.

I agree the knowledge base could be clearer.

Please be careful. The delete removes the actual file not just a database reference.

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Thanks for your reply. When I highlight the track and select edit in the upper right corner I get a choice of edits none of which include edit track. there is a "delete file "that leads to a “delete track”. But when I try to delete the track I get a message that the track could not be deleted because it waseither not found or because i don’t have permission to delete files from the hard drive. If you have any idea of what is going on please let me know

Can you tell us a little more about your setup, especially where your files are stored?

sure. I’m new to roon and have very little stored. some of the music from iTunes was transferred to the roon library when I first set up roon, and I have since added a few albums from tidal to the roon library. thats about it.

Sure, no problem @warren_kice! :wink:

If you’re using Roon’s iTunes integration, you should note that Roon will just read your iTunes library “as is” and will not modify it.

If an album in your Roon library was imported via the iTunes integration, you’ll need to delete it iTunes – then it should automatically be removed from your Roon library.

Thanks Mike,
my main problem is not with iTunes - it’s with albums that I bring over to Roon from TIDAL. This is where I am having trouble deleting tracks from the albums although I’ve tried every conceivable and suggested way to do so.
Also I would like to bulk erase all tracks brought over from iTunes so I can clean up iTunes on the itunes web site and then transfer them back to roon

Mike, thanks very much for your help. My library in iTunes is in bad shape and I want to get rid of it by importing my complete library from my iPod to iTunes thus erasing the old library on iTunes. When I do this I would then like to import the new library from iTunes to roon or will roon do it automatically?

Hi Warren,

To remove your iTunes content, go to Settings > Storage and click the gears icon next to iTunes and select Disable. Now you can edit your iTunes media. When you’re finished, go back and Enable it again in Settings to add your new iTunes content back into Roon.

With your other issue, I tried deleting a track of a Tidal album as a test. I selected the 3 dot menu next to the track and clicked Edit, then scrolled down to Delete File. When I deleted the track, it was removed. However, after a few seconds (presumably after a Tidal sync), the entire album was removed from my library.

So, I’m not sure many people would want to delete some tracks from an album, but if they did, I’m not sure this is expected behaviour. If it is, maybe deleting individual tracks from Tidal albums should be disabled.

Maybe @support can check this out.

Cheers, Greg

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This behavior is reproducible on my end, I will be looking into this further with my team. Thank you for the report @warren_kice. I will follow back up with our thoughts!


Thanks for your reply.

Hi @warren_kice – In Roon, it’s possible to add either tracks or albums from TIDAL. If you added an album, and try to delete the content, the whole album is “unfavorited” and will be removed. If you want an album in your library save for a single song, you’ll need to add the other songs individually.

You can also just select songs in your library and hide them, instead of deleting. Either way, sorry for the trouble here!