How to detect/know files not imported [Resolved - 10k files non-audio content]


I have currently around 40’000 files on my NAS however Roon imported a bit more than 30’900 files. I had a look on the “Skipped files” but there are roughly 20 items here.
I read in the documentation that Roon ignores some files but is there a way to know which ones are ignored?
Because 10’000 missing files seem to be a lot of files with wrong characters…
Thanks for your help.

Hi @Sylvain74 ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us.

Moving forward, if you have “show hidden albums” disengaged under “general” (found in “settings”), can you please enable this function and confirm if any of the mentioned content now appears.


Hi Éric,
I have enable the show hidden album but even after a rescan no more songs are imported…

Hi Éric,
Do you have any other idea about identifying possible causes?

Hi @Sylvain74 ---- Thank you for touching base with me and my apologies for the delay.

Moving forward, being as their is such a LARGE volume of content not appearing in Roon (i.e "…10,000 missing files) I would like to kindly ask you to please perform the following test:

  • I would like you to pick ten tracks at random from your NAS.

  • After you’ve picked the ten random tracks, please use this knowledge base article as guide to search for them in Roon via their “path(s)”.

  • Once you’ve searched for the ten items in Roon, my assumption is that at least one will not be found based on the number of tracks you say are missing (hoping for at least two).

  • After you’ve identified some missing content that is available on your NAS BUT NOT in Roon, please send us over a copy of the content via a dropbox download link for testing.


Hi Eric,

I have tested a lot of tracks, more than 10 but I found only 2 tracks in the same album.
You can download those tracks from here:

Hope it will help to diagnose the problem. The path to access the track has nothing special, no special characters.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Sylvain74 ---- Thank you for the follow up, very appreciated!

Confirming that I have received the media and that it has been added to my queue for testing. Once I have some feedback, I will be sure to update this thread in a timely manor. Your patience is greatly appreciated!


Hi @Sylvain74 ----- Thank you for your patience while I have been looking into this behavior for you. Very appreciated.

Moving forward, I did have a chance to test with the provided media and I am having no issues importing the content into Roon. In light of this I would kindly like to ask you for the following to help aide in my evaluation of this behavior:

  • If possible, can you please provide another media sample so I have some additional testing materials. Just as a reminder the content you share with me should be available on your NAS but NOT in Roon.

  • Can you please provide me with a screenshot of your folder structure being used for the already provided media and the new media. If you do not feel like posting this information publicly, no worries, you can shoot my a PM :sunglasses:


Hi Eric,

Thank you very much help. No worries about the time it can take to understand what happens with those missing tracks.

Here below is the path and a screen shot from windows explorer:
\NAS_SYLVAIN\music\Bassface Swing Trio, The\Plays Gershwin

At the beginning I thought it was due to the comma contained in the folder name but I have other folders with even more complicated/strange names from which the tracks are imported into Roon

I will try to find more missing tracks but it’s not easy. I checked already around 60 tracks and they are all imported.

Another screenshot about the music folder on my Synology