How to disable DSP

I use Nucleus rev. A, connected to SOTM streamer and in the path of my signal the last icon says that a volume correction of 0 db is applied to the signal by the DSP; since I use the fixed volume of the SOTM device, therefore without corrections, I would like the signal not to pass through the DSP for a null correction of 0 db. How can I make this icon disappear from the path?


The DSP volume setting is not performed by Roon since this step occurs after the Roon logo, i.e., this step is reported to Roon by the SOtM.

Thanks for the quick response!

From what is reported in the manual I understood that Roon can manage the volume via DSP:

It should appear in the audio chain if I select ‘DSP Volume’ in the ‘Volume Control’ Mode; I think instead that it shouldn’t appear if I use the ‘Fixed Volume’ option…


If the listing of the DSP Volume option in your SOtM bothers you, feel free to disable it on the SOtM at any time. It should then no longer be listed in Roon’s signal path.

No, it doesn’t bother me… I just wanted to understand the meaning and thought it was referring to Ronn’s DSP engine. Thanks anyway…

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