How to disable MQA decoding of Tidal on Roon?

I would like to try to listen to MQA encoded songs without MQA encoding … sorry for the pun. :smile:

nel set-up di roon ho disabilitato il supporto MQA eppure viene sempre attivato durante la riproduzione di un file MQA… why ?

Google Translation
In the Roon set-up I disabled MQA support yet it is always activated when playing an MQA file… why!

During playback …

Why is this happening? :thinking:

The signal path shows that roon has authenticated that it is a bit perfect MQA stream and passed it on to hqplayer. It hasn’t unfolded it and it remains at 48 24.

in fact … technically it should pass it as a 24bit / 48khz file …
without any MQA coding…

I don’t think this is relevant @ged_hickman1.

I think that @Lanfranco_Giordano wants to hear non-MQA versions. IMO, there’s not much point having an MQA version and not decoding it.

No probs. :slight_smile:

I said it at the beginning :wink:
" …I would like to try to listen to MQA encoded songs without MQA encoding…"

but I wonder …
what function does the “no MQA support” option have on roon? :thinking:

Oh, you mean without MQA decoding?

yes sure … sorry

Authentication is not decoding. It happens in a side processing chain. In this example, HQPlayer is receiving the bit-perfect un-decoded MQA file.

Ahem :wink:

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Sorry @ged_hickman1 :blush:

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OK thanks !

Why not select the Hifi stream from Tidal then?

Or, do you want the MQA encoded content?

He does …

But he really meant “… without MQA Decoding”.

And that’s what he is getting… the confusion was that the OP thought that MQA authentication was also performing MQA decoding (which it isn’t).

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thanks for the suggestions and your considerations :wink: :+1:

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I just went through this guessing game myself. I have “HiFi” selected in the dropdown like Mikael showed above but was still getting the MQA track. In Tidal there’s a little MQA icon next to tracks to let you know the version before clicking on it, no such notification in Roon.

I simply found another version of the same song that was 44/16 by default and then the signal path shows no MQA madness.

1st = MQA
2nd = lossless FLAC

Wish there was a way to just not show any MQA search results when specified in that dropdown above.

Edit- here’s another view that I found if you just isolate the track alone after a search