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Hello, I have by mistake enabled «private zone» and can no longer access my T+A Dac 200 from my Ipad to undo this setting. My dac is connected to my Nucleus with usb cable, and I use an Ipad pro as remote. Hope for some help here. Skjalg Bendiksen.

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You may need to delete you RAAT server instance as that resets all settings on zones. Stop Roon server from the nucleus web ui. Then connect to thr nucleus storage using its network share like you do adding music files navigate to show the RAATserver folder rename it by adding temp at the end. Restart Roon server it should reset all your zones.

If you used the active zone (bottom right corner) to access settings, this is now no longer possible for the private zone. There is no built-in security/restriction that prevents accessing/changing settings for all audio devices in Roon though. Open the main menu, choose Settings|Audio and use the cogwheel there to access the zone setting and undo the erroneous configuration you made.

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Thank you so much, problem solved😊


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