How to display next track to the fixed playing bar?


i use android remote on my Samsung Smartphone and i often skip the current playing song and for that purpose i would like to have quick access to next button which can be present to the playing bar next to volume control icon for example? Is it possible to enable this feature?


If you click on the currently playing track by the progress bar, this takes you to the now playing screen, which has cue buttons.

Yes i know but it means one hit more.
I would like to direct access to skip track because i can often use it.
It improves user experience to have an UI which allow user to have quick access to main used fonctions.
Furthermore for mobile smarphone users, it will very convenience to use the app with one hand, so main menu would be accessible at bottom like ARC offers (home, library, search,…).

Thanks to take into account these ergonomic points because it lacks, even if the soft is awesome for its features.

This is how things currently work, so either stay in the Now Playing screen, or submit the idea in #roon:feature-suggestions.

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