How to display the albums that are not duplicates

I have local albums and Qobuz albums. There are a lot of duplicates so I’d like to see which local albums are not duplicates with Qobuz versions. Using the Focus feature I can see the duplicate albums but I cannot negate the selection. Is there a way to achieve this? I think I want to keep the local albums that are not duplicates and delete the rest but I need to run a check first to make sure. Thanks!

Are you saying you want to delete the local albums?

Yes! I’m thinking of doing that but I wanna run some checks before I do it.

It is possible to find the non-duplicates via a tag. You focus on duplicates, select all and save to a new tag. Clear the focus, choose the tag, and invert it.

If you now add the local focus (use not Qobuz), this gives you local albums which don’t have a duplicate in the Qobuz part of your library. It is not taking into account the fact that there may be a duplicate in Qobuz that you haven’t added to your library.

This may not be what you want.

Also note that tags are not dynamic - if you make changes, you need to redo the tag.

Finally - don’t forget to backup those local albums!

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Thank you! That is actually a very clever solution.