How to display Various Artists (Compilations)

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SonicTransporter i5

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Description Of Issue

I have edited all my compilations to be tagged Various Artists. I find it easier to find them since I can’t remember their names. Roon does not show them under Various artists. Is there a way to display this.

Go to Settings -General

At the bottom you can choose the value for Name Of Compiliation sorting.
Select Use “Various Artists”

Most probably that will do the trick for you

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Thanks Dirk that did the trick. I’ve only been running Room for a couple hours.

Since I have you here why do 1907 of my albums have a banner that says NEW.

Because this indicates that your album(s) is recently added to your Library.
This will dissapear automatically (about) 1 week.

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Hi @Thomas_Mauceri,

It sounds like @anon90297517’s suggestion got you up and running!
If you run into any other issues, just let us know!

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