How to do a remote power cycle of Nucleus?

Roon Nucleus is ‘core’ connected to Emotiva RMC-1’s USB DAC input from one of the nucleus’s usb ports. Library is on 3 TB ext HD connected to the other Nucleus usb port.
Problem- occaisonally when playing music from the nucleus through the RMC-1 tracks just zip through and don’t actually play. It will zip through the album tracks one by one in a few seconds and then stop as if it has played through correctly. Seems to be a problem after doing a hard reset of the RMC-1 not communicating/connecting correctly with the Nucleus. Most likely an Emotiva firmware problem, but it is only fixed by doing a power cycle of tthe Nucleus using the power button inset in the rear of Nucleus.
Question- Is there a way to remotely power cycle the Nucleus using my laptop ?? It’s a hassle to get to the rear power button and being able to remotely power cycle would be very helpful.

You can do this from the web-administration page, or bookmark the following:

If nucleus.local doesn’t work, substitute the IP address.

Thanks. I needed to use the IP address. Bookmarked the page and I’ll try next time this happens.

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