How to do headphone corrections using Matrix?

Hi there,
I am looking for more detailed instructions on how to setup headphone corrections in matrix using Oratory PEQ text files.
HQP manual is unfortunately not very helpful for me.

On the Matrix pipeline I can load the text file and I can see it in the plot. But how can I activate these filters? Shouldn‘t be the gain column be populated automatically?

Edit: I uploaded another screen shot. One can see that the preamp gain for the HE1000V2 of -2.5 dB is not shown in the plot. For the Dan Clark file (-3.3 dB, same format) it can be seen.

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I did save them, then load, so I change them on the fly from apps (desktop or mobile).

I do not remember the gain being populated by default, I did -3 some times -5 just to be safe.

Oh now I get what you say, in the text file there is a preamp gain, I did not have that line but looks like the mirrored maximum gain from the strongest filter.
I think it is shown otherwise the power graph would go above 0.

I’m not that advanced but maybe until better explanations you can play around.

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Thanks, I was thinking to complicated.
I thought each headphone had to go into a different channel or they had to show up in the lower section.
Simply press browse in channel 1, than give it a name in upper row and press save. Do this with all head phones and they will also show up in the remote. :slight_smile:

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And now they are gone…. :thinking:

:frowning: never happened to me, can you try restarting the HQP app and the control app?

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Did not work.
I added another one which stays at the moment.

Can it be that I have to load the txt file for ch 1 and 2? or is ch 1 for left and right? I have the impression right is louder. :see_no_evil:

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ch 1 is left 2 is right… I think you have to load for both of them, or have separate txt files

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Thx, so not much of a loss that all files are gone, had to repeat them anyway. :rofl:

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Here is example from my settings, I have different profiles for various different headphone models. And then one empty one without any EQ.


Can you please show the structure of a PEQ.txt file?
I would like to use e.g. for my Meze 109 Pro this here, does that fit:

Preamp: -5.4 dB
Filter 1: ON PK Fc 95 Hz Gain -3.1 dB Q 0.50
Filter 2: ON LS Fc 105 Hz Gain 5.5 dB Q 0.71
Filter 3: ON PK Fc 215 Hz Gain -0.7 dB Q 2.00
Filter 4: ON PK Fc 880 Hz Gain -0.9 dB Q 2.00
Filter 5: ON PK Fc 2100 Hz Gain 5.8 dB Q 1.00
Filter 6: ON PK Fc 2850 Hz Gain -2.5 dB Q 4.00
Filter 7: ON PK Fc 3800 Hz Gain -2.0 dB Q 6.00
Filter 8: ON PK Fc 7400 Hz Gain -2.5 dB Q 5.00
Filter 9: ON HS Fc 10000 Hz Gain -3.0 dB Q 0.71

Yes, that format is correct.

Do you think it could be possible to show in the signal path in Roon which matrix file is active?
In that way one could see directly in Roon which correction is currently active.

This would be very helpful and would dramatically reduce these incidences where I think “Why in hell does my headphone sounds so crappy??? Ah, yes, wrong correction file :see_no_evil:

If Roon wants, they could implement it. As well as matrix profile switching and lot of other stuff.


Ok, Thx, that does not sound to promising, though.

Lost again all headphone corrections files but two. Very strange.
@jussi_laako Any idea why this can happen?

I’m not sure I understand. Where?

In the matrix profile drop down menu, either in the HQP control App or directly in the HQP Desktop App.

I’ve seen this on Desktop version a couple times - normally only if I have to force quit HQP for some reason, then any matrix profiles i had just created disappeared on next reopening

Did you have to force quit ?

But never had any issues on Embedded


Remember to leave the matrix dialog by clicking “OK”, that will store the configuration file. If you click “Cancel”, then the changes won’t be stored…