How to downsample 24 to 16 bit

My DAC’s max sample rate is 16/48. I found how to downsample to 48 kHz but how to I get Roon to reduce the resolution for music played down to 16 bit as well, like I’ve been doing with JRiver and asset UPNP.

Thanks in advance. Philippe trying out your program.

Hi Jean-Paul,

Roon will convert DSD to PCM, but doesn’t otherwise have built in downsampling or upsampling tools. Integration with HQ Player is in the final stages of testing and expected before Christmas, HQP enables both downsampling and upsampling.

Edit: Whups, Max Sample Rate in audio setup for zones can result in down sampling of resolution.

Hi Jean-Paul and Andy

I thought you CAN limit the max bitdepth and bitrate in Roon.
I saw something in the ASIO and WASAPI settings.

I thought you CAN limit the max bitdepth and bitrate in Roon.

You can limit the max sample rate, but not the other things. Bit-rate (as it applies to audio devices) is just the product of sample rate, bit-depth, and number of channels, and bit-depth is managed automatically based on what your audio device claims to support–if it will accept >16bit, Roon will send it. If it refuses it, Roon will convert.

Can you tell us more about the DAC? We’ve never heard of a DAC that can handle 48/16 but not 48/24.

everything started working out with amazing results conversion and all. greatest music playing software by a million miles as sound quality is concerned and on many other fronts too.

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