How to easily create cover playlists

I like to listen to cover versions of some of my favourite songs.
I usually do a search for the song, select the “More” option under “Tracks”, select all tracks using Ctrl-A and play everything on the list, skipping some tracks as I go along.
I thought I’d share an easier way to play cover songs that’s more convenient than this.

  1. Search for the song
  2. Under “Tracks” select the “More” option
  3. Select all tracks using Ctrl-A
  4. Unselect all unwanted tracks using Ctrl-Left click (on Windows); this may include tracks with similar names and duplicate tracks
  5. Click on “” in the top left corner and select “Add to playlist”
  6. Select “+New playlist” and name it “Song Title playlist”
    Hint: If you name it “- Song Title playlist” (i.e., with “-” or another non-alphanumeric character at the start) it will appear near the top of your Playlists in “My Stuff”
  7. You can further refine the saved playlist by re-ordering, deleting or adding tracks later

You can find the saved playlist by either:
• Selecting Playlists in “My Stuff” +/- use the Filter
• Searching for the song; scroll down to Playlists (it’s usually the first option)

You can also refer to this Roon KB article if you need more explanation on certain points: